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Hopkins Commercial Catering Equipment supplier since 1957.

Commercial Ice Makers and Ice Machines

Large range of commercial ice makers and ice machines including Whirlpool, Icematic, Master Frost, Apollo and Hoshizaki with exclusive online discounts. Hopkins has a complete range of commercial catering equipment for any commercial kitchen.

The Whirlpool ice makers are two of the most popular ice makers in the industry. They come in two different sizes, one for the counter top and one which can be built into a counter or bar. They produce ice which is clear with no air bubbles to ensure your customers get the perfect drink. Features include removable doors, adjustable ice thickness, easy clean storage bin and a stainless steel finish. 

The Icematic ice makers are supperior machines which use paddle system evaporation to produce perfect ice every time even in hard water areas. The produce hallow bullet ice which makes the customers drink colder faster and for longer. Features include stainless steel construction, front venting, large storage bins, hygienic ice scoop support inside the bin, heavy duty stainless steel door hinges, replaceable door gaskets and semi automatic cleaning. 

The Master Frost ice makers are energy efficient ice machines which can save up to 20% on your energy bills compaired to standard ice makers. They do this by their patented waste heat recovery system which enable them to work in high ambient temperature areas. The produce long lasting thimble shaped ice, featues include fan assisted condenser, stainless steel construction, food safe moulded ABS ice bin and automatic defrost. 

The Apollo ice maker is a small manual ice maker designed for small operations where a full sized commercial ice machine would be too much. The machine operates by filling an internal chamber with water which it then uses to produce ice. 

The Hosizaki ice makers are designed with hygiene as a priority to produce crystal clear ice cubes sure to make a lasting impact on any customer. Each cycle of ice cube production is amde with fresh water and the water plate is rinsed on every cycle. Features include stainless steel construction, removable door gaskets, micro computer control and foam injected polyurethane for outstanding insulation.

Hopkins commercial catering equipment online shop has everything you need for a commercial kitchen with the majority of the equipment including FREE DELIVERY. 

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