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Adande Fridge Freezer Units

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All Adande refrigerated drawers come with fast FREE delivery to all UK mainland addresses. 

The Adande refrigerated drawer systems from Adande is a radical change in refrigerated cabinet design. The patented British invention puts the chef in control  when it comes to refrigeration flexibility. The drawers are operational as either a fridge or a freezer which can be switched over at the touch of a switch. 

Adande eradicated all the problems chefs typically experience with traditional refrigeration. Adande drawer units have unrivalled temperature stability. Low velocity cooling eliminates dehydration. Optimal temperatures prolong shelf life. All Adande drawers have perish resistant seals with a two year warranty. A refrigeration industry first! The condensers on Adande drawer units do not get blocked meaning they are simple and easy to maintain. 

Adande Drawer units payback benefits are improved food standards and quality which reduces food spoilage and waste. Traditional door refrigeration allows warm moist air in, which the fans then cool down, resulting in condensation and freezer burn. Adande drawer units eliminate this problem reducing food wastage by 71%.

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