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Complete range of Kuroma commercial catering equipment at unbeatable prices on sale now from Hopkins Discount Catering Equipment. Suppliers to commercial kitchens since 1957.

Southern fried chicken as it should be, a crisp spicy coating  covering moist succulent meat.

Unfortunately, it's not always served this way.  

To get that delicate balance of crisp outside and moist inside, you cannot cut corners, you have to cook in a pressure fryer.  Kuroma have been making pressure fryers for more than 30 years.

The time was, that to produce southern fried chicken, you had to spend lots of money; not any more.  In a good location, it is not unusual to pay for one of our fryers out of the first weeks takings! 

You need not be intimidated by the thought of frying under pressure.  The pressure used is very low and the process is as safe as any other cooking method. There are many thousands of users who fry every day without a care for the pressure involved.

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