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Large range conveyor toasters inc Dualit, Lincat, Rowlette Rutland, Linda Lewis, Cona and Burco Ideal for buffet catering or commercial kitchen use. All with  Online exlusive discounts.

Dualit offer a range of conveyor toasters to suit every need. THe DCT1 conveyor toaster is ideal for front of house use producing up to 250 slices an hour. The Dualit DCT2 2 slice conveyor toaster produces up to 360 slices an hour and uses unique thermostatically controlled elements to maintain the toasting temperature. If you need to feed the crowds the DCT3 3 slice conveyor toaster can produce up to 500 slices of toast an hour. The perfect solution for larger catering needs.

Lincat Catering Equipnment CT1 conveyor toaster has individually controlled heating elements for one sided toasting of teacakes, burger buns and other products. Two slices of toast can be toasted side by side in busy periods.

Burco 77010 conveyor toaster has an internal fan and insulation for keeping surface temperatures to a minumum. Ideal for front of house operation with a toast shade selection for added versatility. Can toast up to 70mm bread types including buns and muffins.

Roller Grills conveyor toaster can toast 300 - 540 slices per hour with no pre heat instant heat up.

Rowlett Rutland roller toasters are one of the most advanced conveyor toasting systems available in the market today. The slimline machine toasts up to 400 slices and hour while the maga RT1500 conveyor toaster can toast up to a massive 1200 slices per hour. All machines feature an internal cooling fan, electronic motor control, independaent element control and are capable of toasting bread, buns, tea cakes and muffins.


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