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Popcorn and Candy Floss Machines

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Popcorn is a highly sought-after snack or treat at a variety of events and establishments. JM Posner has popcorn makers and supplies to help accommodate this demand, whatever your business may be. Thier popcorn makers range in size from 4oz to 12oz, making them suitable for moderately-trafficked theatres, and even for private homes and small-scale catering.

Select a popcorn maker from thier line if you're looking to add to the concessions at a boutique cinema or if you want something portable to use in a vendor setup at a fairs and festivals. JM Posner popcorn makers don't just differ from one another in size, but also in appearance and method of display. From antique copper, to clear glass to wheeled vendor carts in classic, appetite-inducing red and yellow colours, their popcorn makers come in varieties to match the decor and atmosphere of any establishment. At the same time, they offer significant individual features to help streamline service or hold product for as long as possible.

Along with popcorn makers, JM Posner offers display warmers for popcorn and other concessions that customers might expect at the same venues. Use them for nachos, peanuts and more, or if you're a rental house, keep them on hand for your clients diverse concession needs.

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