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Single Deck Pizza Ovens

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Single Deck Pizza Ovens

Large range of commercial pizza ovens inc Zanolli pizza ovens, Pizza Master pizza ovens, Lincat pizza ovens, Cuppone pizza ovens, Pantheon pizza ovens and Roller Grill model pizza ovens with exclusive online discounts. Hopkins has a complete range of commercial catering equipment for any commercial kitchen.

Zanolli compact pizza ovens have simple controls, variable temperature and a refractory stone base. A professional standard pizza oven they come with optional stands and hood with draft chimney. The tempered glass viewing window means that baking can be monitored to ensure you have the perfect pizza for your customers.

Pizza Master deluxe pizza ovens are designed to give customers an authentic top quality pizza. The innovative pizza ovens design has optimum heat distribution to create an even crisp base together with perfectly cooked toppings to keep your customers coming back time after time. The pizza oven has a high output of up to 8 x 12” pizzas cooked at any one time. The Pizza Master deluxe has added design features such as extra elements behind the door to ensure even heat throughout the oven even with the door been opened and closed, a patented crack resistant hearth, two lamps, a turbo function and a robust oven door.

Lincat catering equipment have 3 different ranges of pizza ovens. The LPO ovens are compact small footprint ovens designed to add another dimensions to a commercial kitchen where pizza may not be the prominent offering. Run from a 3amp plug the oven cooks one pizza at a time. The standard pizza ovens have a firebrick base for cooking a crisp base. Perfect for cooking all types of pizza they feature separate heat controls and fully insulated doors. The Premium range of Lincat pizza ovens have added features such as toughened safety glass viewing window, double glazed door, internal illumination temperature gauge and timer.

Cuppone offer two sizes of commercial pizza oven. The smaller LLKTZ42 is a great value pizza oven with a compact size. Made in Italy the pizza oven can be fit into a relatively small space and still create authentic Itallian pizza. The standard size pizza ovens come in three different choices for either cooking 10 inch pizzas, 12 inch pizzas or pan pizzas. The Cuppone pizza ovens are designed to last and cook excellent pizzas with many years’ service. The pizza ovens feature individual temperature controls, an aluminium cooking chamber and thick fibre glass insulation.

Pantheon offer a refractory brick pizza oven which is both robust and economical. The oven’s use a refractory brick base for even heat distribution and a crispy base, thermostatically controlled they have capacity for up to 4 x 12” pizzas on the deck.

Roller Grill have three different pizza ovens to choose from. The PZ400 is a compact pizza oven with infrared elements, the oven is designed to be flexible and cooks pizza to perfection as well as quiches, readymade dishes and pastry’s. The PZ430 model has the addition of a stone base to the oven for a more oven heat distribution and therefore a better quality pizza. The pizza ovens from Roller Grill can cook Italian style pizzas as well as deep dish American style pizzas in as little as 3.5 minutes due to their fast infrared elements. The PZ4302D is an extra wide version of the pizza ovens designed to accommodate slab style pizzas.  

Hopkins commercial catering equipment online shop has everything you need for a commercial kitchen with the majority of the equipment including FREE DELIVERY. 

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