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Conveyor Pizza Ovens

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Hopkins Commercial Catering Equipment supplier since 1957.

Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Large range of conveyor pizza ovens from Zanolli with exclusive online discounts. Hopkins has a complete range of commercial catering equipment for any commercial kitchen.

Zanolli have been manufacturing conveyor pizza ovens since 1952 and their products have quickly spread across the world to be a leading pizza oven manufacturer. The advantages of using a conveyor toaster are they improve productivity. The pizza is placed onto the conveyor and comes out of the other side cooked. There is no need for watching the baking process or opening and closing doors, meaning that the number of staff needed is reduced.

There are many features to the Zanolli conveyor pizza oven. The side inspection door on all the models except the 16 inch belt oven allow easy reach for complete cleaning of the chamber. The conveyor ovens are manufactured entirely from stainless steel with a stainless steel base equipped with castors and brakes. (Except model 05/40.) The pizza oven reaches operating temperature quickly while the outside of the oven is kept cool by the Zanolli system.

Both the electric and the gas models feature a digital control panel. The electric models have an independent power adjustment while the gas models have an electronic flame control. The control panels of the Zanolli conveyor pizza ovens show a constant display during operation of the temperature and bake times. The digital controls have a timer for a programmed start, digital clock, self-diagnostic with error message display with multi lingual programming.

The Zanolli conveyor pizza ovens can be aligned to make a run of pizza ovens for a semi industrial pizza output or stacked to produce the maximum output of pizzas in the minimum of space during busy periods. Conveyor ovens can be used for not only producing pizza but also garlic bread, goujons, baked vegetables and more.

Hopkins commercial catering equipment online shop has everything you need for a commercial kitchen with the majority of the equipment including FREE DELIVERY. 

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