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Convection Ovens

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Large range of convection ovens including lincat, falcon, linda lewis and roller grill convection oven. Large range of commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies with exclusive online discounts. 

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Roller Grill Convection ovens are used for cooking or reheating viennoiseries, pastries, readymade dishes, fresh, frozen or pre-raised savouries. The fan assisted with armoured heating element ensures a quick temperature rising (250°C in 7’). They have three different sized model convection ovens available FC26, FC34 and FC34TQ

Specially recommended for baking pre-raised deep-frozen products:
• 18 unbaked raised croissants in 16 min., th. 180°C
• 20 raised frozen rolls in 18 min., th. 220°C
• 18 fresh raised chocolate buns in 16 min., th. 200°C.

Lincat Catering Equipment Lynx 400 LCO model counter top convection oven is fan assisted for uniform heat and consistant coooking results. The oven has user replaceable parts to easy maintenance.

Lincat Catering Equipment also offers an EC08 and EC09 model convection oven with efficient air circulation with twin fans and even cooking. The convection ovens are made from robust stainless steel construction and include a water injection facility to give a professional finish to breads and pastries. Stackable to make best use of limited space.

Linda Lewis Catering Equipment have a range of large capacity convection ovens which provide uniform heat distribution and quick heat up times. They accept 4, 6 or 12 1/1 gastronome containers. Unique air circulation system designed to give both uniform heat distribution and provide quicker heat up times. Thermostatic control means accurate cooking temperatures are maintained throughout cooking. High quality stainless steel both inside and out.

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King Edward Solo Convection Oven BKS

King Edward Solo Convection Oven BKS

King Edward traditional look counter top convection oven. King Edwards latest model offers outstanding quality in a compact affordable oven.
Available in a large range of colours.
Dimensions W510 x D580 x H645mm

£586.00 exc VAT
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