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Secure PaymentDiscount Catering Equipment for Commercial Kitchens and Fish and Chip Shops

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial cooking equipment from fryers to toasters is available now at Hopkins commercial catering equipment suppliers with FREE delivery across many products to the UK mainland.  Hopkins has everything any commercial kitchen could need to cook food for their customers. All our commercial cooking equipment comes direct from the manufacturer and includes 12 months warranty.


Atmospheric Steamers

Available from Lincat the atmospheric steamers are high quality are durable commercial cooking equipment. Hopkins offers a range of gas or electric models with huge discounts in the commercial catering equipment online shop.

Bain Maries | Gastronorm

Hopkins offer a complete range of bain maries with a choice of gastronome container options. Bain maries are commercial cooking equipment used to keep food warm and maintain temperature.

Bain Maries | Pot

Bain maries are also available with round pots for holding the food. This commercial cooking equipment is more popular for use with sauces and soups. Additionally most models come with the pots included.


Barbecues are essential summer commercial cooking equipment. Barbecued burgers and grills are always popular with customers and offer a real return on investment. When considering commercial catering equipment for outdoor catering a barbecue is a must.

Boiling Tops

When a full oven isn’t needed a boiling top is the perfect solution for commercial cooking equipment. Hopkins supply both gas and electric models from a host of manufacturers.

Chargrills and Lava Rock Grills

Lava rock grills use lava rock as the heat source while cooking. While producing a great flavour to the food they are not as popular in a commercial kitchen do to the cleaning and maintenance required. Chargrills are more popular commercial cooking equipment.


Chicken Rotisseries

Nobody can resist the smell of roast chicken and we have a full selection of Roller Grill models is the Hopkins commercial catering equipment shop. There are both gas and electric models to choose from and varying sizes depending on the number of birds to be cooked.

Chip Scuttles

Chip scuttles keep chips hot and ready to serve and are used in many catering environments. We have models from a range of manufacturers including Lincat, Falcon and Parry. The differences in the models of this type of commercial catering equipment are the chip holding capacity and heated gantry.

Contact Grills

One of the best selling pieces of commercial catering equipment is the contact grill. Also known as a Panini grills they are used as commercial cooking equipment in the production of Panini sandwiches, burgers and other hot snack food.

Crepe Makers

Crepe makers are used as an easy way to make crepe pancakes in a commercial kitchen. Using commercial cooking equipment to produce the crepes ensures even cooking for moist pancakes which don’t stick to the surface.

Fryers | Electric | Counter Top

Electric counter top fryers are essential for cooking many food products in a commercial kitchen. Hopkins has a massive range of fryers in the commercial catering equipment online shop. Fryers come in many options with different basket options and plug in or hardwire choices.

Fryers | Electric | Free Standing

Free standing electric fryers are commercial cooking equipment used in high volume catering. Free standing fryers have larger capacities than counter top models.

Fryers | Electric | Pressure Fryers

Pressure fryers are used to produce high quality fried chicken. There are two models to choose from in the Hopkins commercial catering equipment shop. Kuroma pressure fryers from Hopkins all come with certification certificates.

Fryers | Gas | Counter Top

Gas counter top fryers are commercial cooking equipment used mainly in outside catering. Models are available from both Parry and Lincat catering equipment.  

Fryers | Gas | Free Standing

Hopkins supplies a large range if free standing gas fryers. The breakthrough in commercial catering equipment is high efficiency gas fryers. All the gas commercial cooking equipment supplied by Hopkins must be fit by a gas safe registered engineer.

Gastronorm Containers and Lids

Gastronome containers are used in many pieces of commercial cooking equipment such as bain maries and commercial ovens. We offer a choice of the budget vogue range or the top quality Lincat containers.

Griddles | Electric

Griddles are extremely popular pieces of commercial catering equipment due to the flexible options of different foods which can be cooked using a griddle. Electric griddles come with a choice of ribbed or flat plates depending on the type of food which will be cooked on it.

Griddles | Gas

Gas griddles come with the same options as electric griddles however gas griddles must be installed by a gas safe registered engineer. This range of commercial cooking equipment is used for cooking steaks, burgers, eggs and bacon to name but a few.

Hot Dog Equipment

Hot dog commercial cooking equipment are available as grills, steamers or bain maries. Hopkins online commercial catering equipment shop has products from both Rowlett Rutland and Roller Grill with matching ancillary equipment such as bun warmers and warming cabinets. 

Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is an energy efficient method of commercial cooking equipment fast rising in popularity. Induction hobs generate heat inside the cooking pot rather than on the surface of the hob itself meaning less energy wastage.

Kebab Grills

Kebab grills are essential pieces of commercial catering equipment in most takeaway food businesses. Hopkins supplies kebab grills from Archway and Roller Grill with both electric and gas options.

Commercial Microwaves

Every catering business from restaurant to small café has a commercial microwave as part of their commercial cooking equipment. The Hopkins shop includes all the major manufacturers from Sharp to Panasonic with light to heavy duty models.

Combination Microwave Oven

By popular customer demand Hopkins has added a range of combination microwave ovens to the cooking section of the commercial catering equipment online shop. This equipment ensures repeatable quality results can be produced by even untrained staff.

Commercial Ovens

Hopkins range of commercial ovens covers a comprehensive list of ovens detailed below.

Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Dual fuel range cookers have an electric oven with a gas hob to create a versatile piece of commercial catering equipment popular in many commercial kitchens. The Lincat Opus range of ovens is prime commercial cooking equipment designed and developed with commercial kitchens in mind.

Electric Ovens

The electric oven range of commercial cooking equipment is available in a broad range of options from small 3kW models to 6 plate 22kw models. Included are options to have in built or separate hob units. Including the popular Prodis range which can run off standard plugs.

Gas Ovens and Ranges

Gas oven ranges are common pieces of commercial cooking equipment in many commercial kitchens. The most popular in Hopkins commercial catering equipment shop is the 6 burner range.

Pizza Ovens

Pizza is a popular low cost takeaway food and in the commercial cooking equipment department of Hopkins online shop we have a range of pizza ovens. Including in the commercial catering equipment shop are single, double and triple deck ovens with both gas and electric options. Top manufacturers on sale are Lincat, Cuppone and Pantheon.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are fan assisted to produce repeatable results for cooking or reheating pastries and many other food products. Small budget options to large capacity ovens are available in the Hopkins online commercial catering equipment shop in the commercial cooking equipment section.  

Combi Ovens

Lincat Opus combi steamers set new standards in commercial cooking equipment performance and cost efficiency. All models of the Self Cooking Centre and Combi Master plus are available in the commercial catering equipment shop with free delivery across mainland UK.

Conveyor Oven

The Imperial Zesto conveyor ovens offer targeted distribution air flow for repeatable results when cooking a variety of products in a commercial kitchen. Features of the commercial cooking equipment available are stainless steel construction, digital controls varying belt widths.

Pasta Cookers

Hopkins online catering equipment shop has a range of pasta cookers. The commercial cooking equipment pasta boilers come in counter top or free standing models with a choice of capacity and basket options.

Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are available in the commercial cooking equipment department with capacities from 4 litres to 20 litres. Rice cookers are popular choices of commercial catering equipment in many commercial kitchens.

Potato Ovens 

Hopkins has a large range of potato ovens for baked potatoes from top manufactures including Victorian baking ovens and King Edward in the commercial catering equipment online shop. Potato ovens are commercial cooking equipment which can produce a quick return in investment.

Salamander Grills

Salamander grills are available as compact counter top units or large grills with stands for the busy commercial kitchen. Salamander grills are commercial cooking equipment that produces healthy food for your customers.

Soup Kettles

Soup kettles are commercial cooking equipment that holds soup and other liquids ready for serving. Hopkins has a vast range is the commercial catering equipment shop from modern stainless steel models to traditional enamel painted versions.

Sous Vide Equipment

Sous vide commercial cooking equipment is popular with many top chefs in commercial kitchens. The Hopkins commercial catering equipment shop has introduced models from Clifton and Instanta. Sous vide water baths cooking food in sealed bags for perfect succulent results.


Commercial cooking equipment toasters are available from the top brand names Dualit, Rowlett Rutland and Roller Grill. In the commercial catering equipment shop we have models from 2 to 12 slots depending on the production needed.

Toasters | Conveyor

Conveyor toasters are commercial cooking equipment that produces continuous rounds of toast without the need for the toaster to be watched over. The online catering equipment shop has a variety of models that produce different amounts of slices per hour.

Waffle Irons and Waffle Makers

Waffles are a low cost snack or desert which can improve many businesses profits. In Hopkins catering equipment shop we have many models which produce waffles in a variety of designs from criss cross patterns to heart shapes.



In the event that you should not find the commercial cooking equipment you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to source it for you.

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