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Blue Ice Cream Machines

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Blue Ice Cream Machines is a manufacturer of high quality ice cream machines. Their mission is to help customers succeed and grow with only the finest equipment at competative prices. Blue Ice Cream Machines pride themselves on providing high quality and realiable products, competitive prices and an especially high standard of service.

The services Blue Ice Cream Machines provides is a testiment to the first class customer service they provide.

  • Training for machine use
  • Free installation on equipment
  • Customer phone line support
  • Quality technical support
  • Competitive warranty on all equipment
  • Long term maintenance support on equipment performance
  • Starter package with every machine
Blue Ice Cream Machines After Sales Service

Installation and training is provided with every machine. They will train you and your staff to assemble, operate, maintain and clean your ice cream machine so that you can achieve the optimum reliablility and profitablity. 

Blue Ice Cream Machines Support and Maintenance

Blue Ice Machines have professional engineers throughout the UK who will respond promply to requests for maintenance or repairs.

Blue Ice Cream Machines Accreditation

All the products of Blue Ice Machines have met the health and safety standards established by the European Union and are issued certificates. 

About Blue Ice Cream Machines

Blue ice manufactures our machines at a first class professional company that was established in 1998, with over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience in precision machinery and control. The aim of Blue Ice Machines is to provide customers with first class food refrigeration equipment at a low cost. The high quality Blue Ice Machines provide, are a result of advanced technical background in refrigeration, mechanics, electrics and electronics in addition to being the dependable market responder always with customer’s special needs in mind.

The quality of Blue Ice Machine’s products is acknowledged to be comparable with many world leading brands by customers from around the globe. To further ensure quality, all major components of Blue Ice Machine’s freezers are selected from world class brands. For compressors: Tecumseh, Maneurop, Aspera, Danfoss & Dorin. For thermal expansion valves: Danfoss. For electric controls: Schneider.

Blue Ice Machine’s freezers have been selected as the soft-serve equipment provider by many large food chains and stores around the world. Powder mix manufacturers such as America’s Classic Foods from USA recommend Blue Ice Machine as the best – “ The models are excellent in performance, function, appearance and quality. They are THE BEST!” Nestle R & D recommends our machines “due to its good hygiene design and stable performance.”

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