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Engineering Solutions

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Hopkins specialise in engineering and industrial welding and fabrication in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and most plastics.

With an onsite factory and state of the art equipment, Hopkins are able to design and produce quality assured products to your specification. Started in 1957 the company has 50 years of manufacturing experience so are able to produce many unique items and always guarantee to deliver on time and within budget. Although catering equipment is the companies speciality, we have produced many items away from this sector.

From a catering and food handling background, Hopkins has developed a world-class expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration solutions. Our key expertise is in applications engineering, where a brief from a client is taken and then delivered.

Over the years we have been asked to make specialist refrigeration units covering a wide range of applications such as coffin coolers, maggot fridges, blood fridges and a unit to preserve a 3,000 year old peat bog body. Using our expertise in refrigeration we were asked to design a unit that would recover petrol vapour from the air that is displaced from the underground tank when it is being filled by a road tanker. This vapour would normally be vented to atmosphere but we found that approximately 50 litres of petrol can be recovered per tanker delivery.

This is achieved by quickly cooling the vapour to below minus 40 degrees centigrade and condensing it back into liquid, the recovered petrol is then returned to the underground tank. Units have been exported to China, India and installed at supermarkets in the UK. Vapour Recovery units are proving to be cost effective and environmentally friendly.

One of our latest designs was for Chameleon Television who planned to build a planetarium in the grounds of Harewood House consisting of three Geodomes. They approached us with the brief to heat and cool the domes in the most eco-friendly manner possible. The solution we at Hopkins engineered was to use air to water, under floor heating and cooling, the use of inverters and air to air heating and cooling. This was achieved through computer control and free cooling and is provided whenever possible.

This innovative approach keeps running costs to a minimum and has the lowest possible environmental impact benefitting the client and wider community.

Other clients include Schools, Factories and Offices where minimum disruption is required, or tight deadlines are imposed due to the clients’ operational needs.

All of our work is undertaken to the highest standards and includes:

  • Taking a brief and working through to the final installation
  • In-house manufacturing working to ISO9000 quality standards
  • Use of CAD systems
  • All engineers are certified to NVQ level 3 in:
  • Refrigerant safe handling
  • Brazing techniques

Another one of our projects which was a little different from our usual business was for one of our customers who wanted a wide open, feature staircase which needed to keep the area light and spacious.  The brief was: functional hand rails, light and airy, funky modern design.

We opted for 60 mm round stainless steel tube curved with a gentle radius to give it flowing lines. Straight supports with three 10 mm stainless steel rods running full length, on each side.

We followed this design through the house, with one running along side the stairs and the other separating the dinning area from the kitchen.

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