Rational 10 Grid Electric Combi Master Plus CM101E

Rational 10 Grid Electric Combi Master Plus CM101E
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Rational 10 Grid Electric Combi Master Plus CM101E

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Product Details

The Rational Combi Master Plus is easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality every time. This is guaranteed by the precision controlled cooking cabinet climate and the accurate setting of temperature, air humidity, air flow and cooking time. 

Steam Cooking Mode from 30°c to 130°c
The high performance fresh steam generator with new steam control always produces hygienic fresh steam. 

Hot Air Cooking Mode from 30°c to 300°c
The hot air circulated at high speed flows around the food from all sides, the only way to guarantee even cooking. 

Combination Cooking Mode from 30° to 300°c
Combination mode marries all the benefits of the hot steam, such as short cooking time, minimal cooking losses, succulence, with the advantages of hot air, which is responsible for creating the intense aroma, appetising colour and crunchy crackling. 

Finishing Mode
Finishing means the intentional disconnection of production and serving. Cooking your food in your combi oven, chill until time for service and the finish to perfection when required. 


10 Grid Combi Master Plus Overview

  • Capacity 10 x 1/1 GN
  • Meals per day 80-150
  • Connected load 18.6kw
  • Voltage 3 NAC 400v
  • Weight 125.5kg
  • Dimensions W847 x D771 x H1042mm
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty
  • Installation service recommended


Accessories Buy the full range of genuine Rational accessories from Hopkins including stands, base cabinets, baking tray, baking pans and containers. 


To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance and validity of the 2 year warranty for your new Rational combi oven, we recommend a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. Please call for further information. 


Rational Brochure



Full Rational Combi Master Plus brochure.

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