Romiley Park Primary, Stockport

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Romiley Park Primary school in Stockport had a 1960’s school kitchen which had been built from a converted classroom. They felt it was time to invest and modernise their dated kitchen and catering equipment.

They put out to tender and from the proposals received they chose Hopkins commercial kitchen team as having the best proposal and the best price.

The kitchen refit was a complete over haul of their existing kitchen. The old tile floor with gullies was replaced with a new vinyl floor which is hygienic, easy to clean and safer for the kitchen staff. Tiles, which can harbour germs and grease, were replaced with 2.5 meter high PVC wall cladding making cleaning down at the end of a meal time much faster. Along with the facelift the kitchen was repainted. Gone was the 1960’s bright yellow and in its place a nice bright white.

Their existing extraction canopy was in need of updating to meet current regulations. The old aluminium extraction is no longer used in commercial kitchens as aluminium can burn under the intense heat and oxidise which can cause harm to health and the atmosphere. The new stainless steel canopy was fitted into an artificially lowered ceiling. New and better lighting was fitted to the lower ceiling making the working conditions much better for the kitchen staff.

Updated catering equipment was also installed along with the refit. The old 12 burner cooking range was replaced with a Falcon 6 burner range and a 6 grid combi oven from Lincat. This enables the staff to create a larger menu for the school as well as being more economical and user friendly. Other new equipment included a Hobart dishwasher and tabling, Genfrost freezer, bain marie hot cupboard and Prodis fridge.

When the project manager quoted for the school kitchen he gave a completion time of 5 weeks. The project was completed with days to spare! Hopkins commercial kitchen team pride themselves on finishing every project on time, on schedule and on budget.

The catering provider at Romiley and a number of other schools says ‘I was impressed with the work carried out at Romiley, and would give your name as a recommendation to any interested schools’.

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