Chumley Warners, Birkdale, Brisbane, Australia

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Four Pan Counter Frying Range

Having run their “Britain On The Bayside” shop in Birkdale, Brisbane for several years selling British food and other products not available in Australia, ex pats Adrian and Louise Warner decided to ask their customers what they missed most from the UK. The answer was invariably “proper British fish and chips!”

Although there has been a fish and chip culture all over Australia for many years, the product is vastly different to the what is available in the UK.

Having decided that a proper British fish and chip experience would be a great business , Adrian and Louise looked into what they would need to provide an authentic product.

The difficult part was that absolutely every element required was not available down under! The fish that is used tastes nothing like the cod and haddock we are used to in the UK, the Australians were using frozen chips and the varieties of potato grown were unsuited to frying, the shops were using ordinary deep fat fryers and even soft drinks like dandelion and burdock, tizer and ir’n bru weren’t available!

Eventually, Adrian and Louise developed an importation business (after overcoming huge difficulties!) and literally bring everything over from the UK including North Atlantic Cod and Haddock apart from the potatoes which they now have grown specially for them.

A frying range from another UK manufacturer was initially installed at their new shop, however after a couple of years they decided that it would be best to upgrade to something better so we were awarded the order to supply and install a new Four Pan counter range.

This has been a tremendous success with production capacity increased and waiting times massively reduced. We look forward to working on many future projects with Chumley Warner’s.


Wow your customers with our optional extras!

Hopkins bespoke Fish and Chip Frying Ranges are available with an extensive list of optional extra’s such as illuminated pillars laser cut with your shops logo or name, curved stainless panels, mirror finish stainless steel, concealed down lighting, inbuilt pie cabinets to name but a few. Ask your sales representative for more information.

You dream it, we build it!


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