Harry Ramsdens, Doha, Qatar

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Hopkins 4 Pan Flat Top High Efficiency Island Frying Range 

Hopkins were recently awarded the order to manufacture and install a Four Pan high efficiency flat top island range at the new Harry Ramsdens Restaurant on “The Pearl” development in Doha , Qatar. The Pearl is a Riviera style man-made island developed in an exclusive environment in Doha and is arguably the Middle East’s most glamorous address.

Fish and chips are arguably the UK’s favourite takeaway, selling over 255 million portions each year; however the international appeal of the dish cannot be underestimated. Joe Teixeira, Harry Ramsden's CEO explains  “This is a hugely significant step in our ambitions to both re-position and re-invigorate the Harry Ramsden’s brand, over the past two years Harry Ramsden’s has been enjoying record sales across the UK, with the universal appeal of our offering being clearly recognized further afield.”

Hopkins supplied a full odour control system using a Purified Air Electrostatic Precipitator, Carbon Filter and Odour Neutraliser as well as Low Noise extractor fan with silencers. Also supplied was a full set of Hopkins potato preparation equipment including HC1 Chipper, HP25/56 Peeler, Interceptor Tank and Eyeing Tank, and a Merlin Fat Filtration Machine.

We wish everyone at Harry Ramsdens Doha all the best for the future.


Harry Ramsdens Franchise

Harry Ramsden's Franchise

For over 85 years, Harry Ramsden’s has been world famous for its great Fish and Chips and now you can be part of Harry Ramsden’s instantly recognisable brand!

Hopkins Frying Ranges and ancillary equipment are specified by Harry Ramsden’s for their franchises. The new fish and chip shops will have the latest in high efficiency technology.

Those wishing to find out more about franchising opportunities can log onto Harry Ramsden's, call 0203 077 58880 or 




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