Harry Ramsdens Cobham Welcome Break

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Hopkins 3 Pan Flat Top High Efficiency Island Frying Range

Hopkins recently installed a three pan high efficiency flat top island frying range suitable for basket frying at the Harry Ramsdens outlet in the services on the M25 motorway at Cobham. As part of the Welcome Break Service Station the franchise is now open 24 hours a day allowing hungry travellers to enjoy their favourite Harry Ramsdens any time night or day.

One of 18 Hopkins frying ranges installed at Welcome Break Harry Ramsdens franchises around the country. Proud of their heritage Harry Ramsdens still closely guard their secret recipe for Harry’s famous batter which is freshly mixed every day. It’s this dedication to continuing the traditions of their found that helps to keep Harry Ramsdens serving up the tastiest fish and chips in the world.


Harry Ramsdens Franchise

Harry Ramsden's Franchise

For over 85 years, Harry Ramsden’s has been world famous for its great Fish and Chips and now you can be part of Harry Ramsden’s instantly recognisable brand!

Hopkins Frying Ranges and ancillary equipment are specified by Harry Ramsden’s for their franchises. The new fish and chip shops will have the latest in high efficiency technology.

Those wishing to find out more about franchising opportunities can log onto Harry Ramsden's, call 0203 077 58880 or email franchise@harryramsdens.co.uk for further information.



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