Henry Colbeck 2012 | Fish & Chips plus Fast Food Exhibition

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The definitive Fish & Chips and Fast Food exhibition was held in Edinburgh on the 4th of March 2012 with Hopkins there showing three different styles of fish and chip frying ranges.

The Classic Frying Range

With high efficiency technology the Classic fish and chip frying range has been designed to be accommodate those with a limit budget, without compromising on quality and offering excellent value for money. 

Features include pan drains, illumined fish boxes, quartz heated displays, digital controls, forced burner system and all the features you would expect from a frying range.

The Counter Frying Range

Hopkins bespoke frying ranges are available with an extensive list of optional extra’s. The counter frying range is the most popular style of frying range in the trade.

Features can include built in appliances, laser cut panels with you shops logo or name, curved panels, pan rests for basket frying and more.

The Island Frying Range

Increasingly popular is the bespoke island chip frying range which is prefect for busy shops. It creates a fast through put by allowing access to the boxes on either side.  

Features include a range of front styles, curved or straight glass, basket frying, shop branding, bespoke serving counters and more.

If you want to know more about any of our fish and chip ranges please contact us using the form opposite or by calling our sales hotline. 

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