Prashad Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

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Bradford’s Prashad Restaurant came to fame on the Gordon Ramsey programme’ Ramsey’s Best Restaurant’; although it was always famous locally as the best place to go for authentic and delicious Indian food. After growing success from the publicity of the programme they decided it was time to expand to larger premises to meet the increased demand for their food.

Their new premises are what used to be the Victoria Hotel in Drighlington. Those that remember the pub can testify that it had become very tired inside and needed major work to transform it into a restaurant worthy of the Prashad brand. The owners of Prashad, Bobby Patel and family, came to Hopkins for the design, supply, installation and project management of their new commercial kitchen and bar area. 

The commercial kitchen required was no standard kitchen, they needed the design to suit the unique requirements of the building and the intricate style of their food. Autocad drawings where made for the three different kitchens they required as well as the bar area. The three kitchens included a food preparation area, cooking area and a dessert area.

Included in the major fit out was also;

  • A bespoke cold room to fit into the cellar
  • Heated centre pass though
  • Bespoke 3 feet square stainless steel sinks to fit the large stock pots used
  • Bespoke fabrication to create working and storage areas
  • A canopy extraction for the gas equipment
  • Canter levered tabling over the stock pots to create extra work space when the pots where not in use
  • Full extraction and ventilation to comply with legislation
  • Stainless steel wall cladding to the kitchen area
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