Lincat 800 Series Bain Marie Hot Cupboard P8B4

Lincat 800 Series Bain Marie Hot Cupboard P8B4
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Lincat 800 Series Bain Marie Hot Cupboard P8B4 Lincat 800 Series Bain Marie Hot Cupboard P8B4

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P8B4 Bain Marie Top Hot Cupboard £1469.00
P8B4PT Pass Through Hot Cupboard £1679.00
PTS4 Drop Down Tray Slide £148.00
PDL Lockable Doors £87.00
PCG Corner Bumpers (set of four) £91.00
PPB8 Additional Push Bar 800 Series £44.00
CP16 1/1 GN Carvery Pad Insert £110.00
PHTC 1/1 GN Ceramic Panel Insert £215.00
PHTG 1/1 GN Glass Panel Insert £215.00
PS4A1 Ambient Single Tier Overshelves £263.00
PS4H1 Heated Single Tier Overshelves £551.00
PS4A2 Ambient Two Tier Overshelves £421.00
PS4H2 Heated Two Tier Overshelves £950.00
PS4A3 Ambient Three Tier Overshelves £591.00
PS4H3 Heated Three Tier Overshelves £1359.00
Hotcupboard on Legs instead of Castors £0.00
Product Details

The bain marie model hot cupboards have space for full size 1/1GN gastronorm containers with the P8B4 model having space for 4 x 1/GN. A range of inserts can also be purchased including carving panels, ceramic plating areas or decorative glass panels.

There are available 7 different bain marie packs that include different combinations of GN containers allowing you to create a hot cupboard which is specific to your needs. 

The thermostatically controlled bain marie top can be used with either a dry or wet well operation. The drain tap is located inside the hot cupboards to allow for fast and easy draining. In addition the bain marie section has an easy to clean flat bottom.   

Available as either mobile or static models the Lincat 800 Series hot cupboards are fully 1/1 GN compatible with fan assisted heating for fast heat up, fast recovery times and lower energy usage. They feature an accurate digital temperature control to fully comply with hygiene regulations. With optional pass through models which feature removable sliding doors to both sides for increased efficiency. 

They come complete with
  • Two heavy duty chrome rod shelves capable of taking heavy loads
  • Four shelf positions
  • Accurate digital electronic heat control
  • Double skinned construction for heat retention and cool to touch exterior
  • Removable doors and shelves for easy cleaning
  • Robust push bar on mobile units
  • Optional pass though models
  • Streamlined design which can sit flush to a wall

Lincat's 800 Series hotcupboards come as mobile units as standard with the option of legs in lieu of castors and push bar at no extra cost. 


Hot Cupboard OptionsOptions

The Lincat hotcupboards come with a host of options to allow you to customise the hot cupboards to your needs. 

The accessories which are compatible with the P8P3 hot cupboards are listed above. 


More details and images of the accessories can be found on in Lincat Hot cupboards Options.


  • 4 x 1/1GN top
  • Weight 153kg
  • Power 4.9kW
  • Temperature 20-99°C
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • Internal dimensions  W 1345 x D 640 x H 440mm
  • External dimensions W 1450 x D 800 x H 900mm

800 Series products are made to order. Please enquire about delivery times. 

The bain marie top hot cupboards are not supplied with GN containers


Product Brochure

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Lincat Brochure


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