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Rowlette Rutland commercial kitchen catering grater. An indispensable, robust and highly productive grater for use in the food service industry.

This compact machine is easy to operate and will only function when the handle is in the 'low' position. The grating drum is easy to clean by passing through dry bread.

Santos Electric Grater CF600

Santos Electric Grater CF600

Santos powerful electric grater with silent motor and safety switch. The grater is easy to clean base with all removable parts suitable for the dishwasher. Suitable for any kind of catering business. Dimensions H360 x W250 x D420mm

£474.00 exc VAT
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Metcalfe Cheese Grater GSD

Metcalfe Cheese Grater GSD

Professional cheese grater offering excellent performance with an output of up to 50kg of grated cheese per hour. The grater has a special steel roll and is protected with a stainless steel grid to avoid contact with moving parts. Capable of grating any type of hard cheese, bread, nuts and biscuits.

£488.00 exc VAT
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