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Brema have been making ice machines since 1985. There missions is to create ice machines with constant care and attention to every detail. They design and manufacturer their machines to the highest standards using only the best material and the most advanced technologies. 

They are proud to have a team that is highly qualified in all aspects of manufacturer and refrigeration. Their members are constantly updating their skills and know how to provide you the customers with the latest advances in technology and energy efficiency.

At Hopkins we offer 3 of their self contained products. The ice cube maker, the ice finger maker and the icec flaker. All machines come with fast free delivery to all UK mainland addresses. 

Brema Ice Cube Ice Makers

Brema Ice Cube Ice Makers

Brema's self contained ice cube makers are available in 11 different models. The ice machines use a spray ice system designed for ease of disassembly and providing an even water flow to create the perfect ice.
These machines create quality, compact, cold and crystalline ice cubes perfect for adding to drinks.

£569.00 exc VAT
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Brema Ice Finger Ice Makers

Brema Ice Finger Ice Makers

The Brema ice finger machine produces finger shaped ice which has a large surface area. It cools drinks quickly making it ideal for fizzy drinks. Plus the finger shape of the ice keeps drinks cooler for longer.
Finger ice is made from immersing refrigerated stalks into a basin of water where rotating blades control the size of the forming cube ensuring you get the perfect ice every time.

£996.00 exc VAT
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Brema Granular Ice Flaker Ice Makers

Brema Granular Ice Flaker Ice Makers

The Brema ice flake machines produce ice for displaying fruits and fresh foods whilst keeping them fresh and tasting good. Flaked ice is also increasingly popular in cocktail bars and restaurants as a creative drink accompaniment.
Flaked ice machines from Brema are simple with low costs designed for speedy maintenance making them ideal for many applications.

£1,725.00 exc VAT
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