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Santos commercial juicers are the genuine commercial citrus juicer since 1954. For hotels, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, cocktail bars, institutions, hospitals, juice bars, ice cream shops... The Santos classic juicer is ideal for continuous production with a high Speed motor extracts the maximum amount of juice. It features an aluminium alloy base with 2 extractor cone sizes for different fruits. The commercial juicer has a waterproof motor block to ensure you have a longer working life from the machine.

The Santos high output commercial juicer extractor is heavy duty with a quiet operation motor. It has automatic pulp ejection, a stainless steel removable centrifugal basket and an extra large feeding chute. The commercial juicer is capable of producing over 1 litre of juice per minute.

The Dualit commercial juicer is designed to tick all the boxes. It features a patented double filter mechanism to produce the perfect juice for your customers. It features a generous sized feeding tube which allows you to feed large pieces of fruit such as whole apples. The commercial juicer features a soft start motor to prolong the life of the machine and has a pre programmed speed setting which automatically adjusts to optimise juicing.

The Ceado citrus juicer is a commercial juicer specially designed with citrus fruits in mind. The S98 model has a lever operation for easy manual juicing. It features a universal reamer for all fruit types and has removable dish washer safe parts to ensure your commercial juicer is always at its best.  The SL98 is an automatic version of the commercial juicer with a patent automatic activation with a microswitch on the back to ensure safe operation.

The Ceado ES500 is a commercial juicer designed for use with both fruit and vegetables. The juice can be effortlessly extracted from carrots, beetroot, mago, apples, peeled pineapple and other fruit or vegetables in just a few seconds. There are no tools needed to remove parts for washing and the commercial juicer also has a stainless steel bowl, juicer basket and pulp retainer. The heavy duty motor has a safety thermal cut out and safety interlocking system ensuring the machine is safe to use. The 75mm wide chute on the juicer is wide enough for whole apples and other whole fruits.

The Ceado ES700 is a commercial juicer designed for high volume juicing. It features a double feed chute for the best possible extraction from both fruit and vegetables. The commercial juicer is suitable for catering businesses with a high output of 15kg of fruit and veg a day.

Santos Classic Juicer K275

Santos Classic Juicer K275

•Santos Catering Equipment juicer
•Ideal for continuous production
•High Speed motor extracts the maximum amount of juice
•795ml polycarbonate bowl
•Aluminium alloy base
•2 x Extractor Cone Sizes
•Waterproof Motor Block
•Single Phase
•Speed 1500rpm
•Dimensions (mm): H350 x W200 x D300
•Weight: 5kg

£237.00 exc VAT
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