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With an onsite factory and state of the art equipment Hopkins are able to design and produce quality assured products to your specification. The company has a workforce that boasts over 500 years combined experience so we are able to produce many unique items and we always guarantee to deliver on time and within budget.  

Although catering equipment is the our speciality we have produced many items away from this sector including signs, structures, theatre props, wrought iron gates and embossing. Due to our diverse range we have given our services to many different companies including City councils, Kodak and the Odeon, Virgin and UGC cinemas.

Fabrications are created through a process that involves intricate craftsmanship and design skills. At Hopkins our team of engineers benefit from having:

    •    Quality CAD systems in house
    •    Apprentice trained and qualified staff
    •    The latest bending, folding and punching machinery
    •    Welding facilities in MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)
    •    Machine tool workshop
    •    Assembly and clean areas
    •    ISO9000 Accreditation
    •    ISO14001 Environmental standard
    •    ISO 18001 Health and Safety Standard
    •    Expertise in electrical and gas engineering (CORGI registered company)

Hopkins have a strong relationship with companies in electronics and aesthetic design so can advise you on final details of your product.

 Hopkins LOW RES 102 Hopkins LOW RES 106 Hopkins LOW RES 110 Hopkins LOW RES 114 Hopkins LOW RES 115 Hopkins LOW RES 120 Hopkins LOW RES 126 Hopkins LOW RES 18 Hopkins LOW RES 30 Hopkins LOW RES 36 Hopkins LOW RES 43 Hopkins LOW RES 54 Hopkins LOW RES 58 Hopkins LOW RES 62 Hopkins LOW RES 72 Hopkins LOW RES 78 Hopkins LOW RES 80 Hopkins LOW RES 86 Hopkins LOW RES 90
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