Blighty’s, Adelaide, Australia

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4 Pan Counter Frying Range 

2013 sees the second Hopkins frying range being installed in Australia following an order from Ron and Kath Hampson of Adelaide. 

Having seen our previous experience of installing frying ranges worldwide and after personal recommendations in Australia we were the first choice manufacturer when Ron and Kath decided to open a new "British" chippy out there. 

They visited our factory during a trip back home to the UK and were immediately convinced that we were the company to help. Ron and Kath placed an order for a four pan counter range as well as HC1 chipper, HP25/6 peeler, Hopkins s/s eyeing tank and sludge trap, Merlin fat filtration machine and numerous other ancillary items. 

Their new fish and chip shop is located in the Aberfoyle Hub Shopping Centre in what was previously a pet shop. The shop has had a complete refit to transform it into the traditional look of a British Fish and Chip Shop including the white pillar box tiles.

Looking at the shops Facebook page ex pats are getting excited at the thought of the food they have missed after emigrating. Their menu for the shop includes everything you would expect from a chippy including; cod, haddock, plaice, scampi, steak puddings, chicken and mushroom pie, battered sausages and of course, mushy peas.

Blighty's will be opening shortly and we wish Ron and Kath the best of British luck in their new venture!

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