Pancake Day is Nearly Here!

Feb 09 2018
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Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is on Tuesday the 13th February this year. Pancakes are traditionally a method of using up all the indulgent ingredients and fats before the start of lent. American’s celebrate Mardi Gras which literally means Fat Tuesday! People have been tossing pancakes for hundreds of years with references in a cook book dating back to 1439.

To pinch a saying from another Easter product ‘how do you eat yours?’ Do you like your pancakes sweet or savoury?  Need some menu inspiration? Have a look at your pancakes below. 


Traditional Pancakes

For the pancake purist there is only one way to serve a traditional British pancake on pancake day. That is with lemon and sugar. 


Savoury Pancakes

Minced meat and gravy make my favourite pancake filling. Or consider cheesy pancakes with ham and leek, or chicken pancakes with white sauce. 

beef pancakes

American Pancakes

Pancakes are often seen on menu's these days with American style pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup. Their increasing popularity proves it's a tasty combination. 

american pancakes

Sweet Pancakes

If you like your pancakes sweet it has to be a nutella pancake. There are so many recipes to choose from; nutella filled pancakes, nutella topped pancakes, nutella in the pancake mix recipes. 

nutella pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

For those still on a new year health kick pancakes can still be on the menu. Make your mix with skimmed milk and fill with fruit and fromage frais.

fruit pancakes


Pancakes are easy to make with a hob and a frying pan but if they are going to be a permanent part of your menu you might want to consider investing in a crepe machine. We have many gas and electric crepe machines available in Hopkins online shop. 



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