Fish and Chip Shop Equipment

May 17 2011
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Fish and Chip Shop Equipment

Every fish and chip shop needs a fish frying range. Hopkins catering equipment suppliers are specialists in bespoke fish and chip frying ranges. You can read about our frying ranges in the services area of the website. However there are other pieces of equipment you need to run a successful fish and chip shop

The potato peeler, or potato rumbler as people also refer to it as, is used to peel the potatoes ready for chipping. Fish and chip shops need a potato peeler with a large capacity. Hopkins catering equipment supplier’s manufacturer a 56lb potato rumbler which can peel a whole bag of potatoes at a time. Hopkins potato peelers have several advantages, they have a jerk free start with a large waste outlet, there is no need to regrit the liner and the motors come with a 3 year warranty. 

A chipping machine is needed after the potatoes have been peeled to chip the potatoes ready for frying. Hopkins manufactures a rotary chipper which can chip 25Kg of potatoes in just one minute.  The chipper is gearbox driven which means there are no broken belts to contend with. The chipper also comes with a large choice of chipping block options. 

Madolin slicers are a safe way to make potato slices for making scallops and fish cakes. Hopkins have available several different models made from plastic or stainless steel.

Potato Chipper, Potato Peeler,  Mandoline Slicer

In between the peeling chipping and frying stages you will need plastic tubs to keep your potatoes in. Different shops use different size tubs depending on how many chips the shop has prepared at one time. A large variety of tubs and buckets are available through Hopkins. 

A fish fridge is a fridge specially designed to hold fish. The drawers in the fridge have a drain plate which stops the fish from standing in their own liquor. Additionally temperature in the fish fridge is set specifically to keep fish at its optimal temperature.  Fish fridges help to keep the smell of fish to a minimum compared with a regular commercial fridge. 

Storage freezers are used to hold stocks of frozen products such as fish. Hopkins has a comprehensive range of chest freezers available from 15 cubic feet to 21. There is also the option of having a chest freezer with a stainless steel lid which provides extra work space when needed.   

See through drinks fridges are a good way to increase turnover from sales of soft drinks. Under display fridges are a selection of pop fridges including both under counter and full height display fridges depending on the available space in the shop.

Chest Freezer, Fish Fridge, Pop Fridge

A batter mixer whisks the batter mix and water to provide a consistent mix quickly and easily. Hopkins batter mixers are designed with the fish and chip shop in mind and come complete with a 12 litre bucket. It is easy to use and is constructed from stainless steel for health and safety and a long product life. 

A bain marie is needed for sauces and mushy peas. The pot models are most useful in a fish and chip shop. Wet well models are best for prolonging sauces at their best but dry heat models are acceptable. 

A good quality commercial microwave is needed and are available in light duty, medium duty and high duty models. Hopkins have available a large range from the main suppliers including Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp and Panasonic. 

Boiling Top, Utensils, Scrap Bin

A scrap bin is usful for safe storage of scraps. Scraps can be a fire hazard due to the large amount of fat contained in them. The Hopkins catering equipment scrap bin is mounted on casters and includes a mesh bottom to allow fat to drip through and be reused. 

Every fish and chip shop needs utensils to work with. Online is a comprehensive selection of Drywite and Hopkins utensils from fish lifter, to chip shovels and more. Drywite are the leading name for utensils in the fish and chip shop market. 

Boiling tops are used for cooking mushy peas and curry sauce etc. Hopkins have a range of boiling tops in both gas and electric. Boiling tops are designed to sit on the counter top, however optional stands are available for many models. 


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